Extending the Wireless Network Outdoors

Whether your wireless network serves sports venues, college campuses, corporate courtyards, outdoor testing facilities for healthcare, parks or parking lots, Oberon offers solutions to take you everywhere you need to go.

Coverage for Every Venue.

Providing high-density, high-capacity Wi-Fi coverage in stadiums and auditoriums will challenge the most experienced wireless designer. Oberon offers unique solutions to secure, protect, and conceal wireless access points, antennas, and associated cabling in challenging venues while maintaining the visual integrity of historic or strongly-branded settings.

In wide-open spaces, bringing the network precisely where it is needed offers advantages over mounts attached to fixed structures such as walls or lamp posts, which are often not in ideal locations for wireless coverage. Oberon's NetPoint™ wireless bollards are available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your network needs.

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Explore topics related to public venues, including outdoor wireless networking.

Meeting the Challenges of Expanding Wi-Fi Outdoors

Expanding Wi-Fi outdoors presents challenges - here's what you need to know. Includes a special section on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on outdoor wireless networks.

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Outdoor Wi-Fi for Schools

Explore best practices for expanding wireless networks outdoors.

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CEC Course: Optimizing High-Density Wi-Fi Infrastructure Outdoors

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Dual-Axis Articulating Wi-Fi Access Point & Antenna Wall Mount



Enclosures for Outdoor & Entertainment Venues



11.7 in. Skybar™ NEMA-4 Plastic Wi-Fi Access Point Enclosure

Features & Benefits

Conceal, protect, and secure wireless APs with aesthetics in mind.

Conceal APs, antennas, cables, media converters, power injectors, etc.

Provide wireless coverage for tens of thousands of attendees.

Protect your access points from the elements and human tampering.

Customer Story

Complexities in Higher Education

Complexities in Higher Education

Like most higher education institutions, new construction and renovations are common at Carnegie Mellon. This means that wireless planning is complex. Managing wireless needs for a population of almost 20,000 (students/faculty/ staff) adds additional considerations. CMU needed enclosures that were secure, unable to be tampered with, and able to withstand the rigors of campus activity. Additionally, Oberon helped CMU with custom products in spaces where mounting challenges required creative solutions.

Secure. Aesthetic. Convenient. View Our Solutions Guide.

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Oberon is proud to partner with and support the solutions-first approach of these key industry vendors.


Oberon is proud to partner with and support the solutions-first approach of these key industry vendors.