Cisco Solution Partner

Selecting Enclosures for Cisco’s AIR-ANT2566P4W-R and AIR-ANT2566D4M-R Antennas

July 22, 2021

Oberon offers a wide variety of mounting solutions for Wi-Fi access points, whether on ceilings or walls, indoors or outdoors. Enclosures are designed to protect and conceal the AP, antennas, and cabling. Oberon has recently added new options to make it easier than ever to identify the right solution for your next wireless installation.

The Oberon Solution Finder filters hundreds of available models by a wide variety of optional requirements, from type of AP to the installation location. Two of Cisco’s most popular antennas were recently added as independent selection criteria, the AIR-ANT2566P4W-R and AIR-ANT2566D4M-R. By selecting these antennas under AP Vendor criteria, you will find a list of enclosures to accommodate both the named antenna and the AP.

Oberon, a Cisco Solution Partner, offers the widest selection of indoor and outdoor wireless enclosures and aesthetic mounting solutions for securing wireless infrastructure in virtually every venue. Oberon’s products are used where RF coverage, infrastructure security, environmental robustness, and aesthetics are paramount in the network implementation. Oberon is a division of Chatsworth Products.