Mounting Solutions for Meraki APs

Oberon Mounting Solutions for New Cisco Meraki Access Points

April 20, 2021

Cisco Meraki has launched a new generation of Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) access points with multigigabit Ethernet for high-density Wi-Fi applications. In some cases, the new generation AP has essentially the same body as an earlier generation. In others, the new generation is a little larger.

If you are considering a migration to the latest high-performance Meraki APs, you’ll be happy to hear that Oberon is ready for these changes with new and updated mounting solutions for Meraki APs. If you are already using Oberon enclosures, your product series may offer Retrofit Doors & Trims, enabling customization of your previously installed back-box for use with a new AP. There’s an Oberon mounting solution for most of the Meraki APs, for just about any building construction style or venue environment.

Selecting Your New or Retrofit Mounting Solution

Oberon Model 1047-MR45-T.jpg
Oberon 1047-MR45

The Cisco Meraki MR44, MR45, and MR46 all have approximately the same body formfactor, so one door or vanity cover, such as the Oberon 1047-MR45, is ideal for any of the three. Other Meraki indoor APs also share similar sizes and can use the same Oberon model – for example, Meraki MR52 and MR53 fit in the Oberon 1047-MR52, while Meraki MR55 and MR56 fit in the Oberon 1047-MR56.

Oberon’s Solution Finder, available at, makes it simple to identify the right solution for your new access point – simply enter the AP of your choice to find recommended options. Selecting from Retrofit options under Series will display new doors and trims available for existing Oberon enclosures. Whether your Cisco Meraki access points will be used in an existing network installation or for a new project, Oberon has the mounting solutions you will need for any environment.

Bring on the Ruggedized APs!

Also in January, Cisco Meraki announced two new ruggedized Wi-Fi 5 access points for outdoor and challenging environments. The MR74 provides general purpose wireless, 2×2:2-stream MU-MIMI, and external antenna connectors. The MR84 features high-density coverage, 4×4:4-stream MU-MIMO, and multigigabit and external antenna connectors.

Oberon Model 3032
Oberon Model 3032

For harsh outdoor, industrial, and other challenging environments for which these AP are designed, Oberon offers a variety of mounting solutions to conceal, protect, and simplify installation. Oberon’s innovative Netpoint™ wireless bollards are ideal for extending wireless networks into parking lots, courtyards, parks, and other wide-open spaces.

View a complete list of recommended mounting solutions for the Cisco Meraki MR74 and MR84 in the Solution Finder.