Mounting Solutions for Outdoor APs

Mounting Solutions for Cisco’s New Catalyst® 9124 Series Outdoor Access Points

July 15, 2021

With demand for outdoor wireless at an all-time high, network designers are seeking solutions to simplify the wireless installation process, provide coverage precisely where it is needed, and protect vital wireless equipment in challenging environments. Oberon’s line of outdoor enclosures and wireless bollards provide secure and aesthetic options for mounting the latest Wi-Fi access points, whether on walls, poles, or in the middle of open courtyards or parking lots.

Oberon, a Cisco Solution Partner, is the leading manufacturer of mounting solutions and enclosures for Cisco access points. With Cisco’s recent release of Cisco® Catalyst® 9124 Series Access Points for bringing Wi-Fi 6 outdoors, Oberon has updated its convenient Solution Finder with compatible mounting solutions from the Skybar™ collection of outdoor and public venue access point enclosures and the NetPoint™ line of wireless bollards.

Oberon’s Skybar™ outdoor enclosures feature concealed hinges and mounting features, rounded corners, and attractively colored and textured surfaces. These enclosures offer an aesthetic means to conceal and protect access points (APs), antennas, and cables in outdoor environments, campuses, beneath stadium and auditorium seats, or other venues where the AP needs to be protected from weather and tampering, all while maintaining the visual integrity of historic or strongly branded settings.

In wide-open spaces, bringing the network precisely where it is needed offers advantages over mounts attached to fixed structures such as walls or lamp posts, which are often not in ideal locations for wireless coverage. Oberon’s NetPoint™ wireless bollards are available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your network needs.

For more information, please visit the Solution Finder. Selecting the access point to be installed and other desired parameters will provide a customized list of compatible Oberon mounting solutions to simplify even the most challenging wireless installation.