NetPoint Wireless Bollards

Experience Wireless Everywhere with NetPoint™ Wireless Bollards

February 25, 2021

Oberon’s NetPoint™ wireless bollards bring your wireless network to the great outdoors. Used in parks, parking lots, college campuses, courtyards, transportation stations, and anywhere outdoor Wi-Fi is needed, these innovative mounting solutions offer the flexibility you need.


The Wi-Fi Bollard allows the designer to place the AP and antenna precisely where it is needed – near the client devices. Installation on buildings or existing light poles puts the APs where the structure is, typically is not where the Wi-Fi signal is desired. NetPoint wireless bollards give you control.


NetPoint bollards protect vital wireless equipment such as APs, antennas, cables, media converters, power injectors and radios from tampering, vandalism and the elements. Additionally, equipment mounted in bollards is less likely to be affected by lightning than equipment mounted on top of buildings or light poles.


The Wi-Fi Bollards conceal the equipment in a visually appealing enclosure. The Wi-Fi Bollards are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to suit the designer.

Installation and Maintenance

The Wi-Fi Bollard is at ground level, and does not require a lift to install and service.

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