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2022 BICSI Winter Recap: What You Most Wanted to Know

February 21, 2022


The 2022 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition was held earlier this month in Orlando, FL, and Oberon experts were thrilled to visit face-to-face with attendees during the event. During the week, we took stock of the most common questions and network deployment challenges shared by colleagues like you, and we feel it’s important to share these because it’s likely you may have some of very same questions or challenges, too.

Here’s a quick recap of what we heard and saw at BICSI Winter:

When it comes to the future of wireless connectivity, what can you tell me about Wi-Fi 6 and 6E?

For starters, modernizing your wireless installation is essential. But thankfully, you don’t have to figure it all out immediately and scramble to find ways to simplify deployment on your own. Oberon is here to help you find solutions that offer optimal performance as well as aesthetics, and with Wi-Fi 6 and 6E especially, these emerging technologies bring with them a few new wrinkles and design considerations for the ideal access point (AP) enclosures, all of which Oberon is already well underway on solving for

Consider these installation tips.

I’m upgrading wireless APs in a healthcare facility, and I need to satisfy ICRA procedures while ensuring network security, convenience, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness. How can Oberon help?

It’s no surprise that dust, mold and fungal spores in the space above a suspended ceiling are dangerous to hospital and healthcare facility patients. Also unsurprisingly, poking or drilling holes into ceiling tiles is not considered a best practice when trying to avoid those contaminants. And because lifting ceiling tiles often requires a tent to be constructed around the work area, wireless access points should be mounted in an enclosure that allows easy access to the equipment without lifting or penetrating the ceiling or tenting.

Thankfully, Oberon offers Wi-Fi AP enclosures and mounting solutions for virtually every healthcare environment and venue, which not only help a wireless designer address standards and code compliance, but also simplify ICRA procedures, ensure performance and meet aesthetic challenges all at once.

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I need a cost-effective ceiling mount enclosure that’s both flexible and secure. What can Oberon offer?

Start with Oberon’s extensive catalog of ceiling mount enclosures. And when it comes to solving the challenge of cost, Oberon’s In-Plane™ 1040 and 1042 Wi-Fi mounting solutions help wireless designers achieve several objectives, including performance, flexibility, aesthetics, security, convenience, and cost savings.

Visit the Oberon In-Plane 1040 and 1042 Wi-Fi mounting solutions product pages to learn more about what to consider and how to achieve your objectives.

I’m gearing up to begin working on “smart city” objectives? What do you offer to help with outdoor, always-on, everywhere connectivity?

Oberon offers NetPoint™ Bollards that extend wireless coverage into outdoor areas and integrate Wi-Fi APs and networking equipment right at the location of need. These bollards are available in a wide variety of heights and colors to accommodate their natural surroundings, as well as reliably protect and conceal APs, antennas, cables, power injectors and media converters while blending seamlessly into any campus, park or metro area.

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I’m working to deploy APs across educational campuses, indoors and out. What does Oberon provide?

Educational environments present unique challenges for network designers. To meet these demands, Oberon provides a variety of Wi-Fi AP mounting solutions for both primary/K-12 and higher education, supporting full-campus solutions from classrooms and dorm rooms to stadiums and auditoriums.

And because we realize the mission-critical nature of these wireless networks means a real need for superior wireless coverage, aesthetics, security and environmental protection, not to mention solutions that are budget friendly and convenient to install and service, Oberon provides products that take all of this into account to help wireless designer and installer achieve these objectives.

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My next project is deploying a network in a government facility. What should I plan for?

Government facilities require special considerations when planning a network deployment, and Oberon’s expertise can guide even the most complicated scenarios. As far as products, our AP mounting solutions and enclosures are compliant with Federal Information Processing Standard regulations (FIPS), and to protect network data and tampering, help ensure that only authorized technicians can manage the equipment. Additionally, Oberon’s attention to detail in the design of wireless AP enclosures makes sure to pay respect to a building’s design by providing options for paintable enclosures and mounts that help ensure the installation environment’s visual integrity.

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