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Optimized Wi-Fi coverage should never mean compromising patient safety.

A Healthcare Facility's Top Objective is to Protect Patients.

Dust, mold, and fungal spores found in the space above a suspended ceiling are dangerous to patients. Holes in ceiling tiles to pass antennas or cables is not acceptable in hospitals, as these openings in the ceiling readily pass particles. Lifting ceiling tiles often requires a tent to be constructed around the work area. Wireless access points should be mounted in an enclosure which allows access to the equipment without lifting or penetrating the ceiling or tenting.

Oberon simplifies ICRA procedure compliance for healthcare facilities while providing optimal wireless coverage.

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Explore topics related to wireless networks in Healthcare

Deploying Wi-Fi Infrastructure in Healthcare Environments

Explore topics including ICRA compliance, endpoint security, architectural considerations, fire and smoke ratings, IP67 Ceiling Enclosures, and temporary or permanent outdoor Wi-Fi.

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The Evolving World of Wireless in Healthcare Facilities

Current conditions have driven the healthcare industry to re-conceptualize how it delivers the technology required to support today’s challenges.

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Recommended Solutions

Healthcare facilities require special accommodations to ensure health and safety, including the installation of Wi-Fi access points.



Locking Suspended Ceiling Tile Wi-Fi Access Point Enclosure



21 in. Skybar™ NEMA-4 Plastic Wi-Fi Access Point Enclosure



11 in. Recessed Wall and Hard-Lid Ceiling Existing Construction Installation Kit for Wi-Fi Access Points

Features & Benefits

Oberon designs with security and compliance in mind to simplify your installation experience.

HIPAA requires that hospitals limit physical access to electronic information systems, such as access points. Many of Oberon’s ceiling and wall enclosures are lockable, limiting physical access to the AP and associated data cable and connector to comply with HIPPA policy.

With the rise of wireless medical devices such as infusion pumps, patient monitoring, and more, there is a growing need for stable wireless networks. Oberon offers many solutions to ensure you have optimal wireless coverage in all environments.

Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) procedures can have a serious impact on cabling installation, moves, adds, and changes, especially in above-ceiling spaces where tenting is required if ceiling tiles are lifted. Oberon’s ceiling enclosures feature solid back-boxes which create a barrier to the above ceiling space. Wi-Fi and small cell access points can be accessed without tenting which is a key factor in risk mitigation.

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Oberon is proud to partner with and support the solutions-first approach of these key industry vendors.


Oberon is proud to partner with and support the solutions-first approach of these key industry vendors.