Oberon 1047-LPDOME

Seven Installation Tips to Help Prepare Your Network for the Future.

November 16, 2021
The evolution of wireless technologies and the growing number of connected devices have shifted the industry to adopt new and improved methods for installing wireless equipment. As a result, designers, architects, contractors and...
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1047-FPDOME swing arm

Helpful Do’s and Don’ts of Deploying a Successful Wireless Network in Healthcare Facilities

October 15, 2021
As healthcare facilities increasingly turn to the latest life-saving technologies to ensure their number one objective—treating and protecting patients—it’s become increasingly important for those same facilities to...
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Wi-Fi Access Point Enclosure under stadium seat being power washed

How to Protect Wi-Fi Access Points in Power Wash Environments

September 09, 2021
As more wireless networks extend into nontraditional, “edge” environments, there are a number of new and often overlooked considerations that traditional IT teams must face. This includes the need to properly plan for...
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Cabling Innovators Award Gold Honoree Logo

Oberon Wins Gold Innovators Award from Cabling Installation & Maintenance at the 2021 BICSI Fall Conference

August 25, 2021
Oberon, a division of Chatsworth Products, was formally recognized by Cabling Installation & Maintenance (CI&M) with an individual 2021 Innovators Award for its feature-rich, future-proof Wi-Fi enclosure solution in the...
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New Solutions Guide: Sneak Peeks and New Collection Names

July 27, 2021
Discover Oberon product collections and featured series in our newly published Oberon Solutions Guide. This guide makes a great introduction for those new to Oberon, and is a handy reference for everyone. Today’s launch...
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Cisco Solution Partner

Selecting Enclosures for Cisco’s AIR-ANT2566P4W-R and AIR-ANT2566D4M-R Antennas

July 22, 2021
Oberon offers a wide variety of mounting solutions for Wi-Fi access points, whether on ceilings or walls, indoors or outdoors. Enclosures are designed to protect and conceal the AP, antennas, and cabling. Oberon has recently...
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Mounting Solutions for Outdoor APs

Mounting Solutions for Cisco’s New Catalyst® 9124 Series Outdoor Access Points

July 15, 2021
With demand for outdoor wireless at an all-time high, network designers are seeking solutions to simplify the wireless installation process, provide coverage precisely where it is needed, and protect vital wireless equipment in...
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Oberon 1011 Series

Mount Wi-Fi and Small Cell APs on Walls with Oberon’s 1011 Series

April 22, 2021
Wi-Fi access point manufacturers generally recommend installing APs in a horizontal orientation for best coverage. Where the ceiling is not well-suited to adding components, or the overall space design calls for a different...
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Mounting Solutions for Meraki APs

Oberon Mounting Solutions for New Cisco Meraki Access Points

April 20, 2021
Cisco Meraki has launched a new generation of Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) access points with multigigabit Ethernet for high-density Wi-Fi applications. In some cases, the new generation AP has essentially the same body as an earlier...
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Interchangeable Doors Enhance the Value of Your Oberon Enclosure

March 25, 2021
For owners of many WiTile™ and In-Plane enclosures, Oberon offers a feature to enhance the value of your investment and make migrating to new Wi-Fi access points a breeze. Retrofit Doors and Trims replace the original part...
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Oberon Model 1018-00

Blending Wi-Fi and Small Cell Access Points into the Environment Just Became Easier

March 12, 2021
In many settings, wireless equipment is displayed and even highlighted, giving passers-by a sense of confidence in the technological capabilities of the space. In others, it is desirable to minimize visual disruptions to the...
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NetPoint Wireless Bollards

Experience Wireless Everywhere with NetPoint™ Wireless Bollards

February 25, 2021
Oberon’s NetPoint™ wireless bollards bring your wireless network to the great outdoors. Used in parks, parking lots, college campuses, courtyards, transportation stations, and anywhere outdoor Wi-Fi is needed, these...
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M-Frame Modular AP Mounting Solution

Simplifying Industrial and Warehouse AP Installations

January 27, 2021
Industrial, manufacturing and warehouse Wi-Fi installations present unique challenges for the network designer. Without standard ceiling or wall structures in place, the ideal locations for APs and antennas are often not ideal...
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