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Wi-Fi access point (WAP) vendors’ Cisco Systems, Aruba Networks, and most others, recommend that their enterprise access points should be mounted in a horizontal orientation in order to provide the best wireless signal coverage. Typically, the ceiling is a good place to mount the WAP, but in some cases the ceiling is not accessible, or inconvenient, thereby requiring a wall mounting solution. Even when mounted on the wall, the best coverage is obtained with the WAP mounted in a horizontal orientation. Oberon provides several solutions for mounting and securing WAPs on walls, pillars, beams and other structures in the preferred horizontal orientation for optimal wireless coverage and performance. Installations are simple, aesthetic, and professional. For installation on hard walls and ceiling where WAPs need to be protected, Oberon’s non-metallic WAP enclosures are ideal for locking up the WAP. These enclosures are made from an impact resistant, UL classified, plastic. This material is virtually transparent to wireless signals.

Right-Angle Brackets
  Surface Mount Enclosures
For Wireless Access Points
For Wireless Access Points
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Product Guide: Right-Angle Brackets and Mounts for APs

Oberon Product Guide--Right-Angle Brackets

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Product Guide: Non-Metallic Surface Mount Enclosures for APs

Oberon Product Guide--Non-Metallic-Surface-Mount-Enclosures

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