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Oberon Logo5 Model 39-104X-ROUTER-TEMPLATE
Route Opening Template for 1040 and 1044 series AP mounts
Category: Ceiling Mounting Accessories
Routing Template

Model 39-104X-ROUTER-TEMPLATE is a template to quickly route openings in ceiling tile for Oberon’s Model 1040 and 1044 series AP mounts.

Features & Benefits

Model 39-104X-ROUTER-TEMPLATE is a guide to quickly route openings in ceiling tiles for Oberon’s Model 1040 and 1044 series AP mounts. Insert a ceiling tile in the template, then using a routing tool such as a RotoZip or Dremel, with small diameter bit suitable for cutting ceiling tiles, trace the bit around the guide. The routing guide creates a clean 13" square cutout for the AP trims. Suitable for most US 2'x2' and 2'x4' ceiling tiles.

3D Interactive Models
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Documentation Links
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