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ICT Today July-Aug 2015

Installing Wi-Fi in a Campus Environment

Please read the full article by Oberon President Scott D. Thompson,
published in the July/August issue of ICT Today:

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Link: Oberon's 1040X Series Wireless Access Point Mounting Solutions
Oberon’s new 104X series wireless access point mounting solutions finally provide a cost effective solution sought by wireless and cabling professionals. End customers are demanding installations that secure the wireless equipment, provide superior wireless performance, and, more importantly than ever, do not degrade the appearance of architecturally sensitive ceilings and walls. New “high density” Wi-Fi designs require a large number of closely space Wi-Fi access points spread throughout every part of the facility, inside and outside, emphasizing the requirement for aesthetics and economy.

Article: Installing Wi-Fi Access Points and Wireless Networks in Educational Facilities and Residence Halls (.pdf)
Installations in classrooms, libraries, laboratories, administration buildings, residence halls, auditoriums, stadiums and outdoor areas, often challenge the installer to use "every tool in the tool box." 3-14-14

Article: Wireless Installation in Healthcare Facilities (.pdf)
Installation in Hospitals creates unique challenges, including mitigation of Airborne Infectious Disease, satisfying Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) procedures and the TIA-1179 Healthcare Facility Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard, and HIPAA compliance. 3-2-2014

Article: Ceiling Zone Enclosure for Pre-terminated Cabling systems, Structured Cabling and Passive Optical Networking Components (.pdf)
Structured cabling is building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller subsystems... 1-27-14

Article: NEC_Compliance_When_Installing_Wireless_Access_Points_in_the_Plenum_Space (.pdf)
Facilities operators, particularly in hospitals, schools, government and other public buildings, are strict adherents to the National Fire Protection Association's National Electric Code (N.E.C). 4-28-12

Article: Physical Security of the Wireless Installation (.pdf)
The Federal Government, Retail industry, and Healthcare have different requirements for physically securing and protecting Wireless LANs. 11-15-11

Article Using TIA TSB-162 Telecommunications Cabling Guidelines for Wireless Access Points to "Pre-Cable" a Facility (.pdf)
Cabling & Wireless in Commercial Enterprises. 12-8-2011

Article: Directives and Instructions Regarding Security and Installation of Wireless LAN in DoD Federal Facilities (.pdf)
Federal Government Wireless LANs have special requirements for physical security. This article introduces some of the  relevant directives. 3-14-12

Article: NEMA 4x Ceiling and Wall Enclosures for Wireless Access Points and Other Critical Wireless Gear (.pdf)
Some Municipalities require that critical wireless equipment is placed in a NEMA 4 enclosure. Hospitals require that the air envelope in the OR is protected, and some facilites need be able to "wash down" the interior of labs. Read how Oberon's 1058 series wireless access point enclosures satisfy these requirements. 1-28-14