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Classrooms and conference rooms everywhere are being equipped with high definition multimedia projectors and multimedia gateways, such as the Apple TV®, Roku®, and the Google TVTM platform. This technology enables students and participants to wirelessly share content with everyone in the room through the multimedia gateway. The old-fashioned podium with a VGA plug for the instructor is quickly going away. Protecting the investment in new interactive, multimedia education and training is mission-critical.

Model1074-00Based on Oberon’s industry-leading wireless access point enclosures, the new multimedia gateway ceiling mounts are secure, convenient, and aesthetic.  They are UL listed and designed to meet National Electric Code paragraphs 300-22 and 300-23 for use in the above-ceiling space. The Apple TV® or other multimedia gateway is inserted into the clear plastic dome in the enclosure door. The Apple TV® is powered, network-connected, and plugged into the nearby ceiling mounted projector with a short HDMI cable. The door is closed and locked, securing the equipment in the ceiling and providing ideal communication between the multimedia gateway and those devices connecting to it.


Popular multimedia gateways and access points need to be secured. Avoid losing, or reconfiguring, expensive networking and A/V equipment.


The ceiling installation is conveniently close to the projector, eliminating long, costly HDMI cables and extenders. This in itself can pay for the enclosure.  AC power receptacle simplifies powering devices.


Multiple components can be connected within the enclosure, eliminating unsightly cable runs. The low-profile, clear polycarbonate dome allows IR control of multimedia gateway devices and Wi-Fi connectivity. The textured white ABS dome is ideal for wireless access points.

Recommended enclosures for multimedia equipment:


1075, 1076, 1077 Series


  • A/V Equipment

    Increasingly, campuses are using Apple TV and other Internet Gateway products for enhanced multi-media capabilities in the classroom. These items should be secured along with projectors and A/V equipment. Oberon offers zone enclosures which are designed to secure Apple TV, projector, APs, and other A/V gear in the ceiling of the classroom where it is needed.
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